The Boat

Ocean Rowboat "James Robert Hanssen"

Ocean Rowboat “James Robert Hanssen”

This module will span the first two weeks of the expedition and will focus primarily on the ocean rowboat James Robert Hanssen. The lessons will be related to the rowboat and systems contained within. Starting with the rowboat will give us an opportunity to learn about the craft that will take the crew on its incredible trans-Atlantic journey. The daily updates within this module will cover topics that arise as the crew gets into the swing of the expedition and gets into the routine of rowing, sleeping, eating, doing science, and communicating with each other and the shoreside crew. Please check back each weekday for the latest update from the crew and the daily topic.

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The following links will direct you to the .pdf of the lesson and the archived copies of the daily updates.

Lesson 1.1 What makes a boat a Boat? (.pdf)

Images for lesson 1.1 (.ppt)

Lesson 1.2 Rowing with the Sun (.pdf)

Daily Updates

1.1 Sea anchor

1.2 Self-righting boat 

1.3 Rowing

1.4  Time

1.5 Desalination 

1.6 GPS 

1. 7 Radar

1.8 VHF