11:33 am, November 19, 2014 – Wednesday Forecast


Current Conditions:
Conditions will be fair this afternoon as you remain under high pressure, with highs staying in the upper 50s to low 60s and light winds from the southeast. Skies will remain clear throughout the rest of the day.

Short term forecast:
Through Friday, high pressure will stick around and fair weather with calm winds from the south will continue. Temperatures will increase slightly each day.

Long term forecast:
High pressure will remain through Friday. An upper level trough approaches the area Saturday, and will bring the potential for severe weather. There will be a high possibility of thunderstorms Saturday evening through Sunday. Winds near the coast could reach 25 kts on Sunday.

High: upper 50s
Winds: Light, from the south

Thursday November 20:
High: mid 60s
Low: low 50s
Winds: From the east, 5-10 kts
Mostly clear skies

Friday November 21:
High: upper 60s
Low: mid 50s
Winds: From the east, ~10 kts
Clear skies during the day, with clouds increasing overnight

Saturday November 22:
High: low to mid 70s
Low: mid 60s
Winds: From the east ~15kts, shifting to the south overnight
Storm activity will increase Saturday afternoon through the evening, possibly bringing thunderstorms and significant rainfall

Sunday November 23:
High: mid to upper 70s
Low: near 60
Winds: south winds ~15kts
Rain ending in the afternoon

Forecasters Chaplin and Weyn

Weather forecasts are provided twice daily by the American Meteorological Society Student Chapter at the University of Washington, a group of undergrad and graduate students interested in weather and climate. Learn more about them at http://www.atmos.washington.edu/uw_ams/.


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