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Engaging Crowd at 2011 Vancouver Launching

Engaging Crowd at 2012 Vancouver Launching

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2/28/13 – we were thrilled to see you on the National news last night and see your row across the ocean. Wow what a feat. Keep it up we are all so proud of you. -Gregg & Mary H

2/27/13 – Saw your story on CBC, will be sharing with the kids at Magnetic Hill School. We will be checking in on you. Way to go! We are rooting for you. -Nicholas S

2/22/13 – As I follow your expedition I’m reminded of Thor Heyerdahl’s 1947 Kon Tiki expedition across the Pacific: adjusting to sea sickness, noticing an abundance of ocean life–including flying fish that surprised the night duty guard! Among their provisions were 200 coconuts, sweet potatoes, fruits, roots, and of course they caught loads of fresh stuff en route. Amateur radio was the extent of their communication with the outside world.
How 66 years can change things! Desal unit, sat phone, solar panels, GPS, organic Argentine polenta, Edge food energy (probably not too dissimilar from the above ingredient list, actually) and comfy bottom sides! I suspect Thor’s crew would be drooling (and blogging) over the James Robert Hanssen’s set-up. That said, I also suspect they’d pass on the ocean acidification, rising temperatures and wet pants to welcome your 2am row shift. -Steph L

2/20/13 – Keep it up Fellas – stay brave! The guys at the Ballard Stallion Station are rooting for you! So proud of you all. -Ben L

2/19/13 – I live in Kentucky, USA, and am inspired by your adventure. As I get older, it is harder and harder to maintain fitness (I’m 45) and your story on ESPN was an attitude reboot. Your ability to tie your dreams and goals to youth in schools is admirable. How can we support your perseverance? Godspeed from the land of Corvettes and the Kentucky Derby -MOK

2/19/13 – Just saw what you are doing on I think it is AMAZING! Cheers to you, continued safe journey. -Brandon R

2/19/13 – Hey all! I just wanted to give a shout out to you guys, it looks like everything is going great. Keep it up! -Jacob G

2/17/13 – I’m in awe of your curiosity and courage. Safe journey! I’ll be tracking your progress. – Julie G

2/16/13 – Fabulous adventure and learning site. Thanks for bringing my family along with you on your journey. -Larry C

2/16/13 – Just wanted to send you a burst of energy. It’s amazing what you’re doing! I’m looking forward to following your journey over the next while. All the very best. You guys are awesome. -Anna-Marie de Z.

2/16/13 – You guys paddle so fast i would like to meet you -Josh D

2/16/13 – Very interesting and good luck. May the winds be always at your back -Scott M

2/16/13 – I don’t know what I can say other than others have already said. What an incredible adventure. I can’t quite imagine what you’re going to experience. That said, I’ll be following your every bobble. Have a great trip. -Daniel

2/15/13 – WOW! I commend you on your bravery to accomplish such an enduring task. I hope the entertainment and food on your cruise meets with the standard 5 star endorsement on an Atlantic crossing. lol  May God bless and protect you. -Ron R

2/15/13 – You’re doing incredible things for the sport but also for our planet and I hope you have a safe journey! Keep it up! -Julien M

2/15/13 – Just saw the news story about your expedition on CBC and wanted to wish you well. I’m a retired teacher. My grandfather (never met him as he died before I was born) was a Newfoundland fisherman with a schooner called “The Nelson”. Thank you for your sense of adventure and for your commitment to the preservation of our planet and the wildlife in it. (I once swam with a beluga whale (a lifetime highlight). My very best to all of you! -Carol 

2/15/13 – Flying fish are delicious! -Louise H

2/14/13 – Happy Valentines Day fellas!!! Been eagerly following your progress and posts! Even blogged about you for my Environmental Assessment class. Somebody give Markus a big wet and salty valentines kiss for me! Stay dry (except for the kiss)!!! -Trevor B

2/13/13 – Hang in there guys, you guys are my inspiration. Good luck. -Chewidude

2/13/13 – Sitting here in Weyburn Saskatchewan in the middle of a winter storm. Here in middle of the prairies we are far from the ocean. Just watched the CBC National news and watched the story of some crazy guys rowing a boat . WOW what an adventure you must be having . I hope you guys get good weather . I wish you all the best. I cannot believe what it must be like to be in your boat and not see land . Good luck. -John V

2/13/13 – Just saw you on the cbc national and I look forward reading about your adventure. You are a very brave group and I wish you a safe voyage -Jim H

1/27/13 – Wish you guys good luck from Estonia!  – Oliver

1/26/13 – Hey OAR crew! I just heard about your adventure from my brother who is currently living in Dakar. Your expedition sounds fascinating and exciting. I couldn’t help but think of another expedition that is going on simultaneously in another part of the world. There is another crew of sailors/rowers from Australia and Britain who are recreating the 800 mile voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia that Shackleton and a small crew of men completed in 1916. Not sure if you have the ability to look at websites from out there (I’m guessing not) but here’s the link to their site: They left about the same time you all did.
Good luck to you! Hope you stay warm, sane, and enjoy your time on the water. Best, ~emma balazs

1/25/13 – Wow……..the dolphins must have been magnificent…sent shivers thru me when i saw the pic…in italian one would say….mi da brevide !!!!!!! Thought with greg at home we could sleep thru this….NO WAY !!!!….we are up EVERY 2hrs checking speed and wave altitudes….on my knees praying for CALM seas…soo very fulfilling to see dreams being lived…love you all  – Marie/Dave Spooner

1/25/13 – Courage and valor fellows! I, as a lot of people, am following your awesome adventurel. Hails to you Adam, Markus Pat Greg & Jordan! -Markus Kriger

1/25/13 – Bonjour mes copains! I toasted a glass of Cotes du Rhone to you last night. I hope you’re well and cresting the hump of discomfort and seasickness. I miss you dearly. Love, Erinn

1/24/13 – If I was at sea for a couple of months, I’m pretty sure I’d get a little lonely or bored and would probably appreciate some AWESOME messages. Hence, hope all is going well for you guys and that the sea is being gentle with you at this very moment! A funny pirate joke (whoever is reading MUST read this with a pirate accent). What’s a Pirates Favourite letter of the alphabet?? (Wait for the crew to answer/respond) Ahhhhh you’d think it would be Rrrrrrrr but it’s actually the “C” 🙂 Keep rowing! – Claire from Belgium

1/24/13 – Hey Adam and crew ! Wishing you guys safe seas from here at Fisherman’s Wharf Victoria BC…….. Stay Strong! -Jackson

1/24/13 – Hey Guys, Thank you so much for visiting our Print and Digital Media class at ISD. The students loved the presentation and were so happy to hear your personal stories. We wish we could have seen you off, but we all wish you a safe and exciting journey. -Prim

1/24/13 – Congrats to you and the crew, Marcus, on your departure from Dakar. I doubt your digs will be as comfortable as that little pad in Tofino, and you will not doubt miss a balcony garden, but I am sure you have a big smile on your face, none-the-less! Be safe, we will follow your teams progress with great interest and hope. -Paul Christie

1/23/13 – Have a fantastic time out on the ocean! Looking forward to following your trek! love Sis Jen

1/22/13 – salut; juste vous faire parvenir mes encouragements par quelques mots qui je l’espère seront une force de plus dans vos bras, ramez en paix!!! (hi, just send you my encouragement a few words which I hope will be a more power in your arms, paddle in peace!) – Thierno Birahim Diaw

1/21/13 – Hey Guys, I hope all is well with you on your adventure! Markus, The Caulford Family is pulling for you. We think about you and your amazing adventures all the time. Can’t wait to see you when you arrive! Love Nick, Courtney & Fern

1/21/13 – Thank you for this heroic voyage you are embarking on. Mankind needs to know the damage they are doing, not only to our land and air but also our waters. I hope that this voyage brings a lot of attention and changes are made to help clean up our waters. Take care and have a safe voyage. – Heather Foster

1/21/13 – Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this greatest adventure of your life. On behalf of the board, membership and staff of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, thank you for the work you will be doing to help Canadians of all ages become more aware of our Oceans and marine life. Take care and safe journey! Wade, CEO Canadian Wildlife Federation

1/17/13 – Here in cold foggy Seattle we are thinking of your big adventure and wishing you a safe voyage! – Diane VanDerbeek

1/13/13: Bon Voyage and a Happy Return! Adam, I’d love to blog about what you guys eat on the voyage. All the best -James

1/9/13 – Best of luck on your awe-inspiring adventure! I’ll be watching your progress and your research. – Mary-Elizabeth O’Toole

12/10/12 – Go Guys Go!! – Ben Lee

12/10/12 – It was a pleasure meeting the three of you in Senegal, sharing some waves, beers and beans. I’ll be following you daily and seeing how you’re getting on. Best of luck launching the boat! – Conor Martin

12/9/12 – Pat, Best of luck. What a wonderful adventure!!! Have fun, be safe and I will be checking on your updates:) – Nancy Hushek

12/9/12 – As a middle-aged masters rower I am in awe of ya’ll. My 6K workouts look so easy by comparison! I’ve passed your noble adventure on to a contact at CNN so just maybe CNN International will pick your inspiring story up!  — Margie, Rock Creek Rowing, Washington DC.

12/6/12 – Markus, met you in Iqaluit in July at the Frobisher ~ good luck to you and your crew. I will be telling my classes about your expedition and sharing your adventure.  –Laurie Chapman

12/5/12 – I will start my day visiting your website to “ride with you”. Good luck from Vancouver Island on the absolute adventure of a lifetime – be safe!  -Jan Ford

12/5/12 – Jordan, Shortly before leaving B.I. for our seasonal trip to AZ I received and very much enjoyed your book on your cross Atlantic row. As well as its content, I enjoyed your style of writing–very professional. Thanks very much for mailing me the copy.  -Loyal Moore

12/4/12 – Hey guys! I’m excited to have recently learned about this, it sounds like an awesome expedition and I can’t wait to follow your progress. Pat, I’m sure you remember our month together in the San Juan Mountains, and let’s just say I would expect nothing less from you. You continue to be an inspiration despite our distant relationship. Good luck to all of you! Best wishes -Chris Janjic

12/2/12 – You are doing a great job guys! Challenging would be a huge understatement! Stay positive and ask God to help keep you strong mentally, physically and especially emotionally.  –Janine Marek

11/28/12 – Hey Guys, I still can’t believe you are doing this again Jordan, or that the whole crew and support team are committing to this, but I sure do love that you are providing such inspiration to everyone who wouldn’t think it possible. I hope it is beautiful for you in all ways and that all goes perfectly technically. We will be with you! –Shirley Skeel

11/25/12 – Markus, best wishes to you and the crew from your Capital2Capitol by Canoe friends, now safely home in Ottawa. We will be following your adventures. –Liz Elton

11/14/12 – Hello – Jordan, I am a friend of your aunt Peggy. When she lived here in Maine, she did a Reiki Master/Teacher apprenticeship with me. We have been friends for several years. I miss her sorely now that she has moved to North Carolina but thank goodness for email! She gave me your web site and I find this simply amazing! Best to all of you on your adventures! –Patricia Keene

11/10/12 – Wishing you all the very best every moment of every day and looking forward to seeing you arrive at your destination proud and strong. I have rowed many marathons and enjoy competing over long distances, the longest so far being the 24hour longest distance record with 4 crew mates in 1992 and I admire your work.  -regards from peter

10/31/12 – Dear Jordan, Thank you so very VERY much for the signed copy of your book as well as the Rowing News with the article about Adam. I’ll be traveling along with you and the crew, checking for news each day! May the force be with you.  -Terry Peterson

10/27/12 – I will be thinking of you guys!  -Xeno

9/14/12 – Hi Jordan, I am been reading about all you have accomplished and your books, and heard your interview this morning on KOMO Radio about rowing the Atlantic from Africa to Miami. I always knew you would make your mark in the world, especially since you’re a UPS grad (me too) and I am proud to have known you. Best of luck and good rowing, and say hi to your Mom and Dad for me. Warm regards, Kyle Kincaid

5/8/12 – Wow, Reading your stuff here online after reading the newspaper article courtesy Rory Rutledge(Stoneway Hardware & my BF) and remember him talking about your adventures (especially Jordan), he is as proud of the journey as a friend could be. I must say, your adventurous journeys are impressive and it’s nice to live them vicariously through someone else’s bravery or insanity!!! How cool it is to track your progress. You guys are an inspiration to all things possible! Thank you for sharing it with us ‘public’ people! All I can say is, ‘Wave on!’ This is awesome!, Jeannie.

5/1/12 – Hola de Peru !!! hope all is going well from charlie, elle

5/1/12 – Congratulations, you guys on making it to Vancouver!!! Not that many people do what you did. Be very proud of what you have accomplished.   -Elle

4/30/12 – Caught up with the crew off Sooke while fishing this morning April 30, 2012. Making pretty good time I must say. My friend Kiya who was fishing with me was telling me while she was in Tofino on Saturday she meet up with the rowers that rower around Vancouver Island and one of the crew who one was a friend her girlfriend Erin. She had said they figured they would be in Sooke sometime today. It was pretty misty with light showers fishing off Secretary Island and in the distance to the west was a boat. She asked me if I had some Binoculars which I had next thing she says It’s rowers, Thinking to myself what’s the chances. As the boat got closer though sure enough it’s the rowers, very cool. Made for an awesome day on the water and yes we caught two nice chinooks as well.

4/30/12 – You’re so close. I know it is ridiculous for me to say be careful – but I just remember what Dave Burch told you guys about the last part of the row being the most dangerous. We see you’ve been playing it safe and hopefully experiencing less wind close to the shore. I know you’re all anxious to be done – stay vigilant – and come home safely to those who love you so and can’t wait to hug you. We’re proud of you. Much, much love… EHW

4/27/12 – Just wanted to say hello and give encouragement!! You guys are quite the inspiration! keep going!

4/26/2012 – I heard about your adventure on The Bob Rivers Show the other day. Have seen any tsunami debris in the tidelines and rifts you are crossing? I have found several of the barrel size Styrofoam floats, etc. lately.  They all have little or no sea life growing on them.  Please forward any information you share to Dr Curt Ebbesmeyer, oceanographer, to further his research with OSCARS. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Stay dry and watch out for bears when you put in to shore!!!  Rob
– Base Camp Note: The Canadian Press reported on 12/25/2011 that Seattle oceanographer, Curtis Ebbesmeyer, “says he’s concerned that some of the debris washing ashore on Pacific Northwest beaches could be contaminated by radioactive material.” Rowers and others…don’t go picking up an extra toothbrush from the water to hold…much less use.

4/26/2012 – Hi Adam. lol. That was so cool that you came to are school if you can come to quadra again. We made up the the row row row your boat song it was fun, Kiana., Student.

4/25/2012 – 3/4 of the way done!! Home stretch… Looks like you guys were out far enough away from land to be off of the continental shelf…how were the waves? Hope all is well and see you at the next fundraiser! -Paul S.

4/24/2012 – Hi Guys! I hope you are taking good care, and staying warm and dry!  Just heard about your expedition on the radio’s oldie’s station. Thanks for stopping in so folks like me get to hear about what you’re doing
Next outing, you boys need to get a Thetford loo, instead of a bucket. It takes up about the same amount of space and won’t spill! We’ve done the ‘bucket’ gig on a small sailboat… be kind to yourselves and get a Thetford porta-potty. It works with saltwater. You’ve got enough hi-tech stuff to land on the moon… get a higher-tech loo than a bucket! You’ll be glad you did.
Be safe, have fun, come home. Laura

4/24/2012 – Spooner, just heard your interview on the Bob Rivers show. Sounds like you guys are getting along well! Have a good time out there and be careful!

4/23/2012 – Great project, good luck and smooth rowing. Think about tides. When you are old like us, you can row round Saltspring.  Fellow rower/adventurer.

4/20/2012 – Looking great, Greg! Good luck and stay well.  Ralph Nielsen, Physical Therapy client of GS

4/18/2012 – Hey there i think that is an amazing opportunity you all have there and wish someday i too get to do something like what you guys are doing, But the one question i have is what is it like rowing a 29 foot boat like that? How difficult is it to move forward and maneuver it around? in different conditions like calm vs stormy?  Fellow rower/adventurer.

4/17/2012 – WOW! I am very impressed with you, Rick, and Greg and your other mates. You look great; healthy and buff! I kinda figured you had something like this inside you… Take care, Spartan Silver aka Mary Sue

4/15/2012 – G’day Hans and Crew, Following your progress from a warm and sunny South Australia. Good luck guys, all the very best. Josh Pegler

  8 Responses to “Public Comments”

  1. You guys are amazing and I like you so MUCH, I have been following your crew for a long time! and like I wish I was there traveling the world like you, you crew is inspiring to go out and head for you dreams! 🙂 Hope things go great! and you see lots of wildlife! 😀

  2. Hey there way to go guys . I will keep an eye out for you , I am a lightkeeper at Cape Beale Lightstation. Read Rowboat in a Hurricane and enjoyed it ,but it was a 2 person boat that crossed the Atlantic. May the wind be at your backs and the tides aid your way on. Be safe and have fun.
    Regards Patti

  3. How are you guys doing?
    I just got delivery of my Canadian Double. Adam while you are rowing the ocean I will take my Whitehall offshore a bit. I will be thinking of you guys for the next couple of months.

  4. Hey guys!!! What an awesome adventure, best wishes for smooth sailing! When you have time check out our little adventure across Canada, we are ”” its going to be a great year for all canadians!!!

  5. Hey Guys !! All the best and hope the weather Gods favour you and may you be blessed with favourable weather

  6. Go Guys Go!!!

    I’m originally from senegal a I live actually in Canada.I know how far the distance is and I’m really impressed by what you guys are doing.I’m following you guys everyday and I hope to welcome you back in Canada pretty soon.Keep on going! you have all my support.

  7. Hello from Victoria, We just heard the interview with Adam and Rebecca on CBC radio. Had to check out the website and see what kind of boat 4 people would row across the Atlantic in winter. Cool boat, but looks pretty small on a big ocean. Very impressive endeavour and for a good cause. I see you would be getting close to the Caribbean Sea if you were in an airplane. If you are all as fast rowers as Adam, who now knows his baby’s due in June, you will be flying along. May the wind and currents be with you and see you safe to land soon.

  8. Hi Adam,

    Your parents may have informed you that we have been in touch with them intermittently to encourage them, and let them know that we had been following your trip through your wonderful blog, and of course the more than occasional CBC report on The National, and have been praying for the safety of you and your crew members throughout this marvellous journey. Adam, our whole family is so very proud of you as you challenge the unthinkable, and demonstrate magnificent courage which surely can inspire everyone facing overwhelming obstacles to themselves pick up an oar and move on. We want you to know ithat we are in virtual front seats cheering you all on.

    Looking forward to seeing you in person in the days to come, and send our love.
    David and Roma-Lynn, David-Eaton (and Catherine), and Raina-Clair

    David and Roma-Lynn

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