North Atlantic Rowing Race, 2006


Brad cooks while Jordan’s yawn shows early signs of sleep deprivation the team faced on the North Atlantic.

Enduring 71-days, 3 hours, twenty-two minutes and a 3,100 nautical mile crossing of the North Atlantic, OAR Northwest won the first international ocean rowing race from New York to England.  By making landfall, the team became the first boat to ever row from mainland USA to mainland UK without assistance – recognized by the Guinness World Records organization.

OAR Northwest committed nearly two years of preparation to reach this goal – this was in addition to the demands of their daily lives.  Their success is a testament to the integrity with which they are approaching future shared visions.

Placing themselves in humbling circumstances, the crew implicitly trusted the intentions and abilities of one another to safely reach Falmouth, England.  The team also shared a vital race-winning formula which the opposing three ocean rowing teams could not…shared time, experience and commitment to winning races in rowing shells.

Collectively, the four expedition team members lost 147 pounds!  They nearly ran out of food and created an arduous ration schedule.  Racing required dedication to time, so fishing was out of the question.  Tropical Depression Alberto forced all four rowers into one stern cabin for 18 hours, with gale-force winds & 40-ft seas.  Seasickness and boredom took an immeasurable toll.

Accomplishing one’s goals is empowering.  OAR Northwest member-led talks, presentations, and education programs place you at the intersection of ocean, air, and water.  OAR Northwest expeditions empower others to find in themselves a goal-reaching spirit at-ready for the next adventure.  Learn more at the Education tab.

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