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Two Sound Rower Girls at Oars

Future adventure educators dream. Sign up for the education program & virtually hop aboard for the trans-Atlantic row.

Classroom teachers, students and home school groups are invited to become involved online at no cost – it’s free! Using curriculum delivered directly to your email inbox, and downloadable from the Education page, the OAR Northwest education program aims to motivate student learning through an interactive platform where the students can help formulate the content by posing questions and interacting with the expedition team and one another. Our curriculum is STEM-focused and meeting Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

OAR Northwest Education is partnered with the Izaac Walton League, integrating their high quality classroom discussion and hands-on education opportunities with our own Adventure Learning curriculum.

As with any expedition, the lessons to be learned are many and varied. This expedition will be no different. Extended rowing expeditions demand that the rowing team demonstrate expertise in meteorology, navigation, nutrition, oceanography, technology, shipboard emergencies, expedition planning, sports medicine, interpersonal communication, leadership, perseverance and, of course … rowing. Imagine your students communicating with the expedition team about these topics.

The educational curriculum is free, thanks to the generous financial support from the Seattle Yacht Club Foundation.

“Through our story of adventure, passion, perseverance and commitment to teamwork,
we provide a dramatic metaphor for important life 
Adam Kreek
Olympic Gold Medalist
Expedition Member
Markus and Jordan sign autographs

Markus and Jordan sign autographs for students at the International School of Dakar (Dakar, Senegal, Africa)

In the free K-12 education programs, your students can follow and participate in the expedition’s voyage in a number of ways:

      • Communicate with expedition team via email and webchat about …anything they want to.  (e.g. voyage, ocean, weather, health, emergencies)
      • Analyze water, environment, sleep and whale study data
      • View extraordinary photos/videos of marine and shipboard life
      • Teach family members about rowboat expeditions during after-school events
      • Speak with expedition team using satellite technologies (Great for morning school announcements!)
      • Learn how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are vital to expedition’s success

Check out our Education Modules page for more information on the nature of the educational content developed for the expedition.

In October 2010, OAR Northwest made a small middle school presentation. Meet Olympian, Adam Kreek, and other expedition team members sharing the excitement of reaching goals, overcoming adversity, and gaining subject expertise through incredible ocean journeys.

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