Safe on dry land

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Apr 072013

(L to R) Adam Kreek, Jordan Hanssen, Patrick Fleming, Markus Pukonen arriving safely to the United States Coast Guard base in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Credit: CWF/Erinn J Hale Photography

Last night (4/7/13) at 9:45pm EDT, the courageous crew of the “James Robert Hanssen” set foot on dry land in San Juan, Puerto Rico, reunited with family members after a harrowing 12 hours at sea in a life raft.

73 days and 2,700 nautical miles into a first-ever attempt at a mainland Africa to mainland North America unassisted rowing expedition, weather conditions were finally at their best for rowing. With Jordan and Markus at the oars with perfect tailwinds and following swells, opposing currents created two successive “standing waves” which pitched and rolled the boat into a position that would permanently capsize it for good. Just over 24 hours ago, at 6:50am EDT, the rescue beacon was activated and the rowers spent the next 6 hours trying to manually right the ocean rowboat. Unsuccessful, they recognized the need to collect supplies in their life raft and hunker down, waiting for help to arrive. The sound of a C-130 aircraft overhead started the rescue process.

More to come as details emerge and time allows. It is very busy at the moment for rowers and land support crew in Puerto Rico, and we’ll keep you updated as best as we can.

Thank you for your fantastic words of encouragement.

Greg & Crew


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  25 Responses to “Safe on dry land”

  1. Thank you Greg for keeping everyone up to speed on what has been happening. We are all so proud and amazed at what the crew has accomplished.

  2. We are happy that you are all safe and sound. Strong work team. What a great adventure!

  3. Wow guys, what an adventure!
    I’m glad you’re safe on land, and everybody’s ok.

  4. Did you flip the boat over to the right side?

  5. What did you eat?

  6. I am glad that you are all safe!!!!

  7. We are glad you guys are safe on land and you 4 are safe at home.

  8. Dear crew how did you servive. what are flying fish.

  9. Were you scared?

  10. I am so glad that you are alive. Did you right the boat.

  11. Was it hard?

  12. We are very happy you guys are safe and sound. You guys are good at surviving . What do you eat guys. I rember when you guys came to my shcool.

  13. i am glad you guys are safe now. you are cool.

  14. I remember when you came to my class at Eagle View Elementary School.
    you saw lots of turtles on your trip. Can flying fish really fly?
    I am happy that you are all safe.

  15. did you get hert. I am happy that you aer safe. how did you srvive.

  16. Im so glad your safe on land!

  17. Dear crew I remember when you came to my class at eagle view last year . I hope your alright. What kind of wild life did you see?

  18. Im prard of you gas

  19. what did you eat? Did you fish for food? Did you bring food from home?

  20. What kinds of wild life did you see? Were the flying fish really cool?

  21. Was it hard? Did you right the boat? They flipped the boat..

  22. Was it hard to flip the boat? How big was the waves. you came to Eagle view last year. did you see another boat?

  23. Welcome back to Terra Firma. Enjoy your family and friend then get back to chasing dreams. Don’t slow down for haters.

  24. Great work Greg and others on the dry side for helping things running smoothly in the face of disaster! Testament to good planning. And way to go ROWERS and RESCUERS for knowing what to do. It’s not really an adventure until stuff starts going wrong, right?

    Glad you are all safe.

  25. So sorry, guys, to hear it ended in disappointment this time around. I’ve been there and know how much it hurts. I hope you manage to retrieve your boat and get back out there again. For now, just happy to hear you are safely reunited with family and friends.

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