Day 69: Wake up and clean

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Apr 012013
beard trimming time

Jordan finally sees his lips for the first time in 4 weeks.

Folks that know me – parents, friends, housemates – know that I am, for the most part, one of those people that wakes up happy and chipper and cannot really fathom why waking up is so painful for other people. Rarely can I sleep eight full hours. I’m lucky if I can stay in bed after six or seven hours of sleep. I know this annoys a lot of people, especially my brother who seems to suffer from this pain and makes it very vocal when he asks me to get him up. This morning I woke up for the fourth time in one day. It was just after mine and Pat’s two-hour sleep following our four-hour row. I felt like death warmed over, and finally made the connection: Waking up might be this painful for some people all the time! Oh the humanity! I swear, if this is you I will from this point on try to be more understanding.

What I do know is the harder the sleep, the better. I crawled out to the deck to a calm, sunny day to find Markus rowing nude, and Adam cooking breakfast… clothed, thank you very much. This was a strange version of hell I was traveling through. He handed me a cup of hot coco and tea and the gears in my mind and body began to fire a bit more regularly. In fifteen minutes I felt so good that I may have been rowing through waves of chocolate in a land where every cloud looked like a dinosaur.

I felt so good I figured I would do a little self care after the first day’s full hour of rowing. Brushing my hair, teeth, washing it, trimming my mustache and nails seemed like a reasonable enterprise for an hour away from the oars. My hair did not feel that dirty, nor particularly tangled until I began to brush, and brush and brush… and four weeks of no real shower or brush manifested itself as some hamster sized hair balls, and hair so oily I could create biodiesel with it… well, it wasn’t that bad, but enough that although I was well into the cleaning process I was feeling a lot more dirty.

Most satisfying was the mustache trim.  It’s one thing to cultivate a huge beard for a trip like this, but I had not seen my lips in four weeks. I felt… amazing. I still would not past muster in civilization, but am enjoying the dapper, squeaky clean feeling that will last for… who am I kidding its already gone.


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  4 Responses to “Day 69: Wake up and clean”

  1. So when you hit land how short will that first hair cut be? If your hair is a bit matted I’d be guessing a buzz cut might be in order!! I’ll bet it will feel wonderful to have that first shower and get rid of the beard.

    What is the estimated number of days for this row? I thought I had read about 80 days. If so it looks like your adventure will be finished in just over a week. I think there is land at the end of the tunnel…. finally!!

    Take care

  2. Hi Dianne – Still about 1,000 miles to go, so we’re looking at about 20-25 days left (depending on wind and currents). I talked to Jordan yesterday via satellite phone and he’s excited for that first real wash and trim. Probably not going back to his Dolph Lundgren-style haircut and clean-shaven days, but he and the whole crew will look sharp! -Greg @ Mission Control

  3. God love you, you have always been a bright & shiny morning person (thanks to Grandma Jeanne’s genes) in a family of more slow to perk up people. But that never dampened your spirit. The truth is, you bring that bright spot with you when you come into the room so how could we not start the day with a smile when you’re around? OK, maybe Doug can’t.
    You’re going to remember that part where you guys cleaned up before you landed last time – right? I was expecting you to be very difficult to be close to, but, in fact, you really just smelled like “outside.” You’re looking great, BTW, in that latest video clip.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon, Big Guy. Oceans of love to you….

  4. Jordan good to see your smiling face on the site. Just had a number of calls from some of my business colleagues who are following you guy’s every day. One said they had a friend in the Bahamas that could sail a case of beer out to you as you row by.
    Pat how about you put your smiling face on camra so we can figure out how much it is going to cost to clean you up.
    I can feel your thrill as it builds into the last leg.
    See you in Miami.

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