2:11 pm, November 17, 2014 – Forecast for the week of November 17th


Current Conditions:
After an eventful weather day yesterday as a cold front passed through your region, today is much quieter. You still have strong winds 10-13 mph gusting to 20-25 mph from the northwest. Temperatures are also a lot cooler than yesterday. Your high temperature will likely be around 50, which is 20 degrees colder than yesterday.
Short term forecast:
Tonight will be another cold night. The National Weather Service has issued a Hard Freeze Warning. These evening high pressure will begin to build into your region and remain over your region through Thursday night. As the high slowly moves eastward winds will remain light, but will be changing direction (described below). Once you get past tomorrow temperatures will become much more reasonable. 
Long term forecast:
During the weekend a low pressure system may develop to your north and bring precipitation and storms. 
Low: upper 20s
Winds: 5-10 from the N

Tuesday November 18:
High: upper 40s
Low: upper 20s
Winds: 10 mph from the N during the day, decreasing overnight to 0-5 mph from the east

Wednesday November 19:
High: mid 50s
Low: low 40s
Winds: 5-10 mph, from the S, SE
Increasing clouds, consistent warming begins
Thursday November 20:
High: mid 60s
Low: low 50s
Winds: 5-10 mph from the S, SE
Partly cloudy

Friday November 21:
High: near 70
Low: mid 50s
Winds: 5-10, from the S
Partly cloudy
Forecasters Kubiniec and Barnes

Weather forecasts are provided twice daily by the American Meteorological Society Student Chapter at the University of Washington, a group of undergrad and graduate students interested in weather and climate. Learn more about them at http://www.atmos.washington.edu/uw_ams/.


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