9:08 pm, November 3, 2014 – Forecast


Current Conditions:
Clear conditions are currently dominating the region. Expect a nice evening with southerly winds at about 5mph. Low temperatures should be in the lower 50s.

Short term forecast:
A front is coming to the area tomorrow, associated with a low pressure system located over central Canada. Rainfall should begin late in the morning to early afternoon. There is a chance of thunderstorms in association with this front, especially from noon to midnight tomorrow. The front is then forecast to stall over the region until Wednesday night. Winds should be around 5 mph and from the south to east-southeast during this period.

A wave is expected to develop north of you on Wednesday, and as it moves east it should push the front to the east, resulting in clearing. This system should bring with it a shift in the winds from southerly and southeasterly to more northerly. The overall wind speed is not expected to change much, though.

Long term forecast:
The secondary low is also going to advect some colder air south, so expect some chillier days and nights towards the end of the week. Thursday might be a little windier (10-15 mph winds), but it should me mostly northerly winds. Otherwise it looks like conditions are going to be quite nice.

Weather forecasts are provided twice daily by the American Meteorological Society Student Chapter at the University of Washington, a group of undergrad and graduate students interested in weather and climate. Learn more about them at http://www.atmos.washington.edu/uw_ams/.


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