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 It’s hard to think that six years after seeing a poster at a rowing club advertising a rowing race across the North Atlantic that I would be getting ready to row across my second ocean.  I’ve been lucky to do some incredible things in-between our first race across the sea, and our next trip from Dakar to Miami.  I biked across Australia, rowed around Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula, and spent some time walking and canoeing with my brother down the Rio Grande.

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My first book is out about the first trip.  It’s called Rowing into the Son.  I would love for you to visit the website, I hope you enjoy it, and hope that I run into you at a reading.  I have a few other stories about my other adventures along the way.  The Waterless talks about my hardest day day biking across Australia.  Oariffic Tale talks about a crash landing of a tiny rowboat in the waves of the Washington Coast.

I am thrilled, scared and honored to be the captain of a new team getting ready to row another ocean.  I am humbled by the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s support of us, as well as all the sponsors and individuals that have made this a continuous and ever-expanding dream.  I hope you will enjoy our next adventure.

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