Greg Spooner


Photo Credit:
Erinn J Hale Photography

Greg is a healer who makes good things happen.

He knows how the human body works.  He knows how to fix muscles, tendons and ligaments when they seize.  A physical therapist specializing in vestibular and orthopedic rehab, Greg will be a vital resource as his teammates stretch their physical limits on the Atlantic Ocean.

Image courtesy of Jordan Hanssen/OAR Northwest

Since his 2006 record-breaking row across the North Atlantic Ocean, Greg has kept adventure pumping in his veins.  In 2008 he & Jordan circumnavigated Washington State’s rugged Olympic Peninsula by rowboat for the first time in recorded history.  After overcoming the extreme weight loss and painful obstacles of the 2006 row, Greg swore off all future ocean rows and focused on his academic pursuits.  However it didn’t take long to find his way back into the boat for the CWF Salish Sea Expedition and beyond.

For the CWF Africa to the Americas Expedition, Greg will be running land operations, coordinating directly with the rowers to ensure a smooth & successful expedition.

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