Examine the OAR Northwest Boat


Click and drag the model to manipulate the model!

Having trouble viewing the boat? See below for troubleshooting information and Tips & Tricks for exploring the boat!

This interactive model requires a browser PDF plugin (Instructions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari on Windows, Internet Explorer). Alternately, you can download this file and open it in a free PDF reader that supports 3D PDFs such as Adobe Reader.

Solid modeling courtesy of Mike Larson.

How to View & Troubleshooting

Security Permissions

  • In many browsers, you may have to allow a temporary or permanent security exception for your browser to display the model.
  • In order to view the model in Internet Explorer, you must accept one or more requests to run “ActiveX” in your browser.
  • Once you allow the exception, you may have to click “Enable 3D View.”

Chrome-specific Instructions

  • Chrome’s default, built-in PDF viewer does not support 3D PDFs at this time.
  • To disable Chrome’s default PDF viewer and use Adobe’s follow these instructions.
  • If you have another browser, particularly Firefox, it may be easiest to simply view the link in that browser.

If the Model Crashes

  • Try reloading your browser.

Download and View

  • If you cannot or do not allow security exceptions or the model crashes multiple times, try downloading the model and viewing it in a free PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.

Tips & Tricks

Display the 3D Toolbar

  1. Right Click on the Boat.
  2. Go to the “Tools” menu.
  3. Click “Show Toolbar.”

Zoom by Scrolling

If your mouse has a scroll wheel or your laptop trackpad supports scrolling:

  1. Place your cursor in the model box.
  2. Zoom in by “scrolling up.” Zoom out by “scrolling down.”
  3. * In some browsers, you may have to click inside the box to scroll.

Reset the Boat View

  1. Follow the directions in “How to Display the 3D Toolbar”
  2. Click the “Home” icon. (It’s 7th from the left.)

About the Ocean Rowboat

Class: Woodvale Fours Class Boat
Designer: Woodvale Ocean Ltd., Devon, United Kingdom
http://www.woodvale-challenge.com/New Builds
LOA: 29ft (8.8m)
Beam: 6ft (1.8m)
Build: Fiberglass and Kevlar sandwich construction
Empty hull weight: ~800Lbs (332kg)
Hull Number: 7
Build location: Devon, England
Background: The Woodvale Fours Class Boat was specifically designed to tackle the North Atlantic in the 2006 North Atlantic Rowing Race.  OAR Northwest purchased one hull, outfit the vessel and won the race, securing a Guinness World Record for the crossing.

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