Ocean Science



The Ocean Science module will take place over the fifth and six week of the expedition. This module will focus on the massive topic of ocean sciences. It will primarily be centered on the data that the crew is collecting throughout their trip. We will be exploring such topics as ocean current patterns, weather, salinity, ocean temperature, and ocean biology. The daily topics will be based on the crew’s daily observations, and questions and comments from the students.

If you or your class have any questions or comments for the crew, please submit them below. We would also like to encourage submitting pictures or videos of participating classes doing the labs. Those can be submitted to education@oarnorthwest.com. (Please note these images/videos may be posted on this site or other sites in conjunction with OAR Northwest)

The following links will direct you to the .pdf of the lesson and the archived copies of the daily updates.

Lesson 3.1 CO2 – Where does it go? (.pdf)

Lesson 3.2 Ocean Acidification

Daily Updates

3.1 pH

3.2 Salinity

3.3 Temperature

3.4 Dissolved Oxygen

3.5 Sargassum

3.6 Whales

3.7 Trash

3.8 Bioluminescence