This module will span the second two weeks of the expedition and will focus primarily on the history of ocean exploration and ocean going vessels. The timing of this module was chosen to provide an understanding of those mariners and rowers who have gone before the crew and the JRH. The lessons and daily updates will focus on situating the expedition in the grand history of ocean exploration.

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The following links will direct you to the .pdf of the lesson and the archived copies of the Module’s daily updates.

Lesson 2.1 Ocean History (.pdf)

Lesson 2.2 Ocean Exploration and Human Impacts (.pdf)

Daily Updates

2.1 Harbo and Samuelsson

2.2 Vikings

2.3 The Golden Age

2.4 The Chinese

2.5 History of Boats Pt. 1

2.6 Boat History Pt. 2

2.7 Navigation Pt. 1

2.8 Navigation Pt. 2

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