Education Advisory Committee


OAR Northwest is dedicated to providing an exceptional education opportunity for school students enrolled the program.   OAR Northwest established the Education Advisory Committee (EAC) to increase the diversity and depth of experience contributed to the education initiatives.  We are honored to receive support from the internationally-represented group of committee members:

David Burch, Ph.D.
Starpath Corporation
3050 NW 63rd Street
Seattle, WA 98107
Dr. Burch is the founding director of the Seattle-based Starpath School of Navigation, which has provided courses for more than 26,000 classroom students since 1978. In 2006, he carried out the daily weather and Gulf Stream routing that led to OAR Northwest’s Guinness World Record in transatlantic rowing. Dr. Burch helped establish U.S. national standards in the teaching of radar, celestial navigation, and marine weather to U.S. mariners by adapting and sharing Starpath courses and training materials with several hundred schools nationwide.  He received the ION’s Superior Achievement Award in 1985 and is the author of nine books, six software programs, including a popular PC radar simulator used worldwide.  He is both a Fellow of the Institute of Navigation and of the Royal Institute of Navigation in London.

Marilyn Campbell
Vice Principal
George Jay Elementary school
1118 Princess Avenue
Victoria, B.C. V8T 1L3, Canada

Tansy Clay, Ph.D.
School of Oceanography
University of Washington
Box 357940
Seattle, WA 98195-7940

Ellie Fields
Director of Product Marketing
Tableau Software
837 North 34th Street, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98103
Ellie Fields is the Director of Product Marketing at Tableau Software, responsible for product launches among other things.  Prior to Tableau, Ellie managed online marketing at Redfin, and spent several years as a Group Product Manager at Microsoft.  Ellie is a graduate of Rice University and has an MBA from Stanford University.

John Foster
Ballard Maritime Academy, Founder
Ballard High School Teacher
1418 NW 65th St
Seattle, WA  98117

Eric E. Grossman, Ph.D.
Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center
Tribal Liaison, USGS Natural Hazards Mission Area
USGS Western Fisheries Research Center
6505 NE 65th St.,
Seattle, WA 98115
Dr. Eric E. Grossman is a coastal and marine geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and an adjunct faculty of the University of California, Santa Cruz and Western Washington University. Dr. Grossman leads the USGS Coastal Habitats in Puget Sound Project on Science to Support Restoration of Large River Deltas and conducts research on climate change and human impacts to coral reefs in Hawaii. His research in the Pacific Northwest focuses on sediment transport, sediment budgets, coastal geologic change, and coastal ecosystem responses to land use, climate change and sea-level rise. Dr. Grossman works closely with Coast Salish Tribes and First Nations to map physical water properties and examine the processes that influence water quality across the Salish Sea by blending western science with traditional canoe travel during the annual Coast Salish Tribal Journey (

Kurt Hasselbalch
Hart Nautical Collections at MIT Museum
265 Massachusetts Ave.
Building N51
Cambridge, MA  02139
Kurt Hasselbalch has been a curator of various nautical collections for 29 of the past 30-years. He has been curator of the Hart Nautical Collections at MIT Museum since late 1990. Hasselbalch has organized 12 exhibitions at MIT Museum and published four detailed guides to major collections in the Hart Nautical Collections, such as the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company design records. As curator, he has facilitated design research for over 100 historic vessel restoration projects and more than 50 historic vessel replica projects from dinghies to the recent 140′ steel Herreshoff schooner yacht Ellena. His recent work is focused on documenting MIT alumni/ae contributions to ocean technology and ocean science.

Alan Perry
900-1067 West Cordova St.
Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3T5
Alan Perry hosts the popular weekly Opinion Panel which airs each Friday night and Saturday on SHAW TV in Greater Victoria and on the Gulf Islands.  Additionally, he hosts Tech Talk from 2-4 p.m. Sundays on C-FAX 1070 Radio in Victoria.  A Reporter Emeritus at C-FAX, where he began as a Student Reporter in 1971, Alan rose up to News Director before stepping aside to care for his elderly mother in 2006.  Today, Alan uses his almost forty years in broadcasting to help organizations improve and increase their media exposure and public profile.

Vaun Raymond
VSR Video, Principal
Digital Filmmaking & Video Production Instructor
The Art Institute of Seattle
2323 Elliott Avenue
Seattle, WA  98121

James R. Selleck III, M.Sc.
Marine Fish Biologist
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
16018 Mill Creek Blvd
Mill Creek, WA  98012
Jamey Selleck is a marine biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  He is often aboard various vessels in the Salish Sea, where he uses remote operated vehicles, scuba diving, and trawl nets to study populations of marine fish, including endangered species.  He has spent the last fifteen years between New Hampshire, San Francisco, San Diego, and Puget Sound studying many aspects of the marine environment, including purple varnish clams, eelgrass distribution, and intertidal habitats. Since graduating with a M.Sc. from Western Washington University in 2003, Selleck has worked with state agencies, consulting firms, non-profit groups, and taught courses in ecology of the marine environment.  Selleck is a scuba instructor and enjoys sharing his passion for the ocean.

Phyllis J Stabeno, Ph.D.
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
7600 Sand Point Way
Seattle, WA  98115

Frederick R. (Fritz) Stahr, Ph.D. : OAR Northwest Science Liaison
School of Oceanography
University of Washington
Box 357940
Seattle, WA  98195-7940
Fritz Stahr is general manager of the Seaglider Fabrication Center at the School of Oceanography, University of Washington (UW). He has taught oceanography courses at both UW and Pierce College and completed post-doctoral research on hydrothermal vent field heat-flux.  In 2000 Stahr co-founded the Ocean Inquiry Project, a marine science education organization in Puget Sound. He received a Ph.D. in Oceanography from UW in 1998, studying ocean physics and instrumentation at the Applied Physics Lab.  After graduating from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering, Stahr worked for a decade as an opto-mechanical engineer.  He has rowed competitively with Stanford and Green Lake Crew in Seattle, and he enjoys off-shoring sailing and near-shore diving.

Gary Stauffer, Ph.D.
NOAA Fisheries, Retired
Youth Maritime Training Association
PO Box 70425
Seattle, WA  98127
Gary Stauffer is President of Youth Maritime Training Association, a non-profit organization promoting and supporting K-12 maritime education and training programs and youth organizations in Washington State.  Gary is past chair of the Seattle Public School’s the Joint General Advisory Council for Career & Technical Education and Tech Prep.  Gary is retired from NOAA where he served as a Fishery Scientist focused on developing and providing scientific information in support of the management of the US fishery resources from California to the Bering Sea. In 2001, he was honored with the NOAA Administrator’s Award.  Gary has served on both the University of Alaska School of Fisheries and Ocean Science Advisory Council and the Washington Sea Grant Steering Committee. He is an active Seattle Propeller Club member and sits on their Board of Governors.