Feb 112014
Join Jordan, Greg & team on the Mississippi River this Fall 2014!

Join Jordan, Greg & team on the Mississippi River this Fall 2014!
Photo: Jordan Hanssen / OAR Northwest

Little did my parents know what developing an appreciation for classics like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn would inspire. Maybe it’s not an exact correlation – between reading about Tom and Huck’s adventures in grade school, and fifteen years later deciding to take a 29-foot rowboat with three friends across the North Atlantic in a rowing race taking 72 days. However, there is no denying that my first adventures were in books, and reading about the adventures to be had on the Mississippi River were one of many things that led me to wanting to create some adventures of my own.


OAR Northwest crew answer students’ questions at the International School of Dakar – Dakar, Senegal
Photo: Erinn J Hale Photography / CWF

A side effect of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean that first time was the incredible amount of knowledge and curiosity it inspired in a wide range of subjects amongst ourselves and those that watched on the website. Since the 2006 race, OAR Northwest, the organization my crew and I built, has morphed from race support into today’s non-profit adventure education organization with several adventures under our belt. We are excited to announce a new adventure education expedition that’s going to bring our love for adventuring and the knowledge that it inspires, to the Mississippi River this Fall. We want you to be a part of our goal to visit 30 schools along the river in person, and reach 100,000 students online. Continue reading »

Apr 102013


Live Classroom Conversation with Trans-Atlantic Rowers

Dear Educator-

The CWF Africa to the Americas Expedition reached a dramatic conclusion last weekend with the capsizing of the OAR Northwest rowboat 375 nautical miles north of Puerto Rico. Now the rowers have been rescued and are safely back on shore to continue their marine conservation efforts.

The CWF Education webinar, an interactive conversation with the rowers that was scheduled to happen live from the boat, will now take place on dry land!

  • When: Friday, April 12 at 1:00 1:30pm Eastern Time/10:00-10:30am Pacific Time
  • How to joinReserve a spot today to have your class take part in this exclusive interactive conversation!
  • What will be discussed: The rowers’ incredible adventure, what they learned, their amazing rescue, and what’s next.

To get ready for the big event, your class can prepare by watching our other CWF Education webinars:

CWF would like to thank the OAR Northwest rowers who believed enough in conserving our marine environment that they risked their lives to raise awareness of the danger the world’s oceans are in. If you are unable to attend the event, it will be recorded for use in your classroom.

Luba Mycio-Mommers, Ph. D.
Director of Education