Oct 052014
A pleasant morning awaits on a placid stretch of the Mississippi River near Redwing, MN

A pleasant morning awaits on a placid stretch of the Mississippi River near Redwing, MN

Head on over to right now to follow the Adventure: Mississippi River expedition live and in real-time.

The crew departed Mississippi River headwaters on September 2nd, 2014, and is rowing all ~2,400 miles of the “Father of Waters” from it’s source in Minnesota to its terminus at the Gulf of Mexico. They are delivering free STEM-focused educational curriculum via in-person school and community visits, and through various online platforms.

Educational partnerships are lead by the Izaak Walton League, and education program is generously funded by the Seattle Yacht Club Foundation. For more about our education and grant funding partners, sponsors, and to experience the curriculum and story as it unfolds, go to

See you on the river!

The JRH is coming home

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Apr 172013

This morning aboard the tugboat Sentry, Jordan & Markus and the whole tug boat crew finally made contact with the James Robert Hanssen. Today is a great day.

This was no small feat, and was the product of intense collaboration between many faces and organizations. We’ll tell you all about them in our next post.

In the meantime, getting this vitally important scientific data back, and preserving the documentary film footage was very expensive, and will help tell the story for future generations, and inspire and educate others to understand and conserve our vital natural resources.

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Apr 112013

Let me start this off by giving thanks to the men and women of the United States Coast Guard and the Captain and Crew of the MV Heijin.  It can never be said enough.


Just Another Sunrise

It was the last half hour or so of Adam’s and my 4-hour rowing shift.  Dawn was breaking on our 73rd day at sea.  Winds and waves were building and we were making just around 3kn towards Miami.  At shift changed we discussed the building seas and the possibility of the sea anchor being deployed despite the favorable speeds west.  Markus climbed out and hopped on the bucket, he would soon be literally caught with his pants down, while Jordan took over steering in the bow seat.  Adam was tucked inside the hatch as I folded myself inside.  Our last words of the discussion to the boys on deck were literally “remember think safety first”. Continue reading »

Safe on dry land

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Apr 072013

(L to R) Adam Kreek, Jordan Hanssen, Patrick Fleming, Markus Pukonen arriving safely to the United States Coast Guard base in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Credit: CWF/Erinn J Hale Photography

Last night (4/7/13) at 9:45pm EDT, the courageous crew of the “James Robert Hanssen” set foot on dry land in San Juan, Puerto Rico, reunited with family members after a harrowing 12 hours at sea in a life raft.

73 days and 2,700 nautical miles into a first-ever attempt at a mainland Africa to mainland North America unassisted rowing expedition, weather conditions were finally at their best for rowing. With Jordan and Markus at the oars with perfect tailwinds and following swells, opposing currents created two successive “standing waves” which pitched and rolled the boat into a position that would permanently capsize it for good. Just over 24 hours ago, at 6:50am EDT, the rescue beacon was activated and the rowers spent the next 6 hours trying to manually right the ocean rowboat. Unsuccessful, they recognized the need to collect supplies in their life raft and hunker down, waiting for help to arrive. The sound of a C-130 aircraft overhead started the rescue process.

More to come as details emerge and time allows. It is very busy at the moment for rowers and land support crew in Puerto Rico, and we’ll keep you updated as best as we can.

Thank you for your fantastic words of encouragement.

Greg & Crew

Apr 072013

The crew is arriving at 6pm Eastern Daylight Time aboard the commercial vessel Heijan.

They are uninjured, shaken, but excited to get back to land this evening to reunite with family and friends, and share the challenges and great successes from the 73 days at sea prior to the capsize.

More to follow.

Greg Spooner
OAR Northwest – Mission Control
San Juan, Puerto Rico