Credit: Jordan Hanssen/OAR Northwest

“We may not have changed the world but we may have changed people’s perception of it.” -Jordan Hanssen (Day 54 of 72, North Atlantic Rowing Race 2006)

Founded in 2005, OAR Northwest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit adventure education and research organization, run primarily by volunteers, that uses adventure for scientific exploration and free STEM-focused education delivered online and in-person.

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Mission Statement
Use adventure-based rowing to create and deliver the best adventure education content to students worldwide, while researching environments that we explore together.

Vision Statement
Multiple expeditions worldwide, running year-around, delivering the finest free adventure education curriculum to over 500,000 students.



Erinn J Hale Photography / CWF

The crew for the CWF Africa to the Americas Expedition – a nearly 3,700 nautical mile mid-Atlantic crossing – included Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek, Guinness World Record holder and North Atlantic Rowing Race veteran Jordan Hanssen, adventure filmmaker Markus Pukonen, and wilderness EMT Patrick Fleming. Shore operations, expedition logistics, media/public relations, and education program management were headed up by Greg Spooner, a physical therapist and ocean rowing veteran who was our only “sometimes paid” employee. (Click to read the .pdf trip report – 10mb)

Previous major expeditions include: the 2006 North Atlantic Rowing Race by Jordan and Greg – 3,200 nautical miles in 72 days from New York City to Falmouth, England, without assistance; and the CWF Salish Sea Expedition – a 2012 circumnavigation of Canada’s Vancouver Island by Adam, Jordan, Greg, Markus and Rick Tarbill.

OAR Northwest offices are in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Mailing Address:
OAR Northwest
PO Box 31402
Seattle, WA 98103

Tax Information:
Federal Tax ID#: 33-1118938
Washington State UBI#: 602 502 675

Board of Directors:
President – Jordan Hanssen
Vice President – Greg Spooner
Treasurer – Adam Kreek