The JRH is coming home

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Apr 172013

This morning aboard the tugboat Sentry, Jordan & Markus and the whole tug boat crew finally made contact with the James Robert Hanssen. Today is a great day.

This was no small feat, and was the product of intense collaboration between many faces and organizations. We’ll tell you all about them in our next post.

In the meantime, getting this vitally important scientific data back, and preserving the documentary film footage was very expensive, and will help tell the story for future generations, and inspire and educate others to understand and conserve our vital natural resources.

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  3 Responses to “The JRH is coming home”

  1. CONGRATS! JRH no longer a hazard to navigation. We are happy about all of the great outcomes of this great adventure! CHARGE!

  2. Thank You to the CWF for the persistence and huge finance to bring this boat home, it means so much to so many. Thank you Greg for taking Erinn with you and for keeping us updated. I hope the entire crew can relax and enjoy before heading back to home realities.
    Adam good luck with the birth of your baby, Erinn I hope to see you next weekend, maybe,

  3. Amazing! I am sooooo happy they all made it. What an incredible story! Thumbs up to all 4 rowers and the Canadian Wildlife Federation… and as well… The coast guards, USA, USA, USA… LOL.

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