Apr 082013

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  4 Responses to “Expedition Report for the Week of 4.8.13”

  1. So thankful you are all safe. I know it is a disappointment, but coming home safely is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. We all have been praying for you and wishing you on. Thankful for all the assists. Congratulations guys…you gave it your best and have lots to show for it.

  2. Jordan, Markus, Adam, and Patrick,
    All I can say is “Bummer!”
    Really glad your preparations, equipment, training, and teamwork overcame a nasty situation and brought you “feet dry” and safe and sound.
    When you get back to Seattle it’s Pints all around on me.

  3. So much respect for you guys. I’ve been following the adventure the whole way.

  4. I’ve been following too. I am overwhelmed by the effort portrayed here. Patrick, when I next see you at the cabin, I’ll want your autograph

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