Day 72: More conservation

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Apr 042013
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Adam sending you this photo, the wind turbine above him partially disassembled since it stopped working – now no more than a hi-tech weather vane. (Credit: OAR Northwest)

900 miles to Miami

Power conservation continues. When we realized that the wind generator did not work and disconnected it, we also realized that we had only been using one of the three batteries for weeks and making it work. Now we had all three and the solar panels seemed to be charging them for us to have all the power we would seemingly ever need. Drunk with power, so to speak, we blasted content (some of which still has not been posted). A week or so later it became clear that even charging the three batteries, we were loosing 5 to 10 amps per day in running all of our communication and science equipment at full tilt. All this new power had raised our minimum standard for what we wanted our equipment to be able to do. In choosing priorities, we are desperate to keep the science equipment running.

The biggest loss is personal computer time. Think of how good a mail call makes you feel… and take that away.


The pre-Atlantic team discussion with “airing of grievances”… very Festivus
(Credit: CWF / Erinn J Hale Photography)

So we talk… every day… What can we charge? What can’t we charge? What is the priority… Water, always… How much science? How much communication? Its the same conversation every day. Same disagreements. It makes me want to crack heads sometimes, and I like these guys. We literally watch out for each other while we sleep. We cook for each other. We are a good team.

My frustration made me think of living in a world of 7 billion people. We will not agree with each other, and yet we live in a finite place and we are going to have to have conversations about conservation that we don’t want to have. There will be disagreements, hurt feelings and anger over these hard discussions.

On our boat we abused our resource of power, and now we talk about it every day, agreeing and disagreeing as a small group of humans. We conserve, and hope that a good plan, unity, and maybe some ingenuity will get us to Miami with all our goals intact.


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  4 Responses to “Day 72: More conservation”

  1. The science of communication keeps the science of expermentation alive. Without communication is science all that useful?

  2. @Jodene – Excellent question. It definitely weighs on our decision making every day of this whole journey. Thankfully we’ve made it so access to much of the data is automated and you can get it anytime (, and whatever is left will be made available for study after they guys get back. The communication aspect though is just as critical, as there’s a sociological component to all of this that both complements AND trumps the science. -Greg in Mission Control

  3. The cold hard truth on planet earth……. BUT, sounds like you’re managing to work it out on the boat none the less……. And setting a good example for the rest of us….! Counting down with you…….

  4. Hi Guys, good to see you are getting along together. I feel that all have had a well rounded upbringing. Is there believers in God Who put all that water in that pond you are on and never spilt a drop.I wanted to see you spent some time teaching each other a memory verse that you learned in Sunday school. Better still, do you have a New testament on board?.


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