Apr 072013

The crew is arriving at 6pm Eastern Daylight Time aboard the commercial vessel Heijan.

They are uninjured, shaken, but excited to get back to land this evening to reunite with family and friends, and share the challenges and great successes from the 73 days at sea prior to the capsize.

More to follow.

Greg Spooner
OAR Northwest – Mission Control
San Juan, Puerto Rico


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  6 Responses to “Crew arriving safely tonight at 6pm EDT in Puerto Rico”

  1. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


  2. Glad to hear everyone is safe! Sad to hear that the dream has ended (for now).
    I had a grade 2 class following along while I was a substitute teacher for a few weeks. Kids totally amazed that anyone would attempt this expedition. I can’t believe you could row, sleep, eat, experiment and live in such a small space.

  3. So glad to hear you guys are okay! 🙂 …. and welcome home

  4. Holy smokes! This is an unfortunate turn of events… but glad all are safe and excited for a family reunion. This has been an incredible journey. Keep your chins up!

  5. Glad that everybody is safe. Real bummer that boat capsized, but you guys showed some real courage and strength to row that far…unbelievable accomplishment. I wish you safe trip home and well earned rest and sleep and eat some real food for a change.

  6. Dear Crew
    I am glad that you are safe. You achely came to our school. What did you eat. Did you see any wild life. Was it scary.

    From Mallory

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