Jan 242013

Greg here — I received a couple satellite phone calls today (1:30am & 11:45am PST) from Jordan onboard the JRH. As suspected, they’ve been getting hammered by wind and waves directly out of the north, making for very challenging rowing. As the boat rocks quickly side-to-side, the oar blades get caught by the water and slam the oar handles right into your shins… we call them “little leaguers.” Back on the North Atlantic row, we likened it to a lineup of little league baseball players with their bats, each getting to take a good swipe at your shins! Levity in that situation is very helpful.

Waves are at about 6-7 feet at the moment, very choppy, “messy,” and unconsolidated. Everybody has puked at least once so far (even iron-stomached Markus!), and it’s a struggle to eat. As of this afternoon though the seas are stabilizing a bit and boat speed has picked up.

So far they’ve seen Marlin, Terns, and a host of other amazing sea life. Once conditions improve, look for excellent photos/video, and updates right from the cockpit.


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  5 Responses to “Day 2 – Sat phone call from the JRH”

  1. Hope the ‘little leaguers’ find another ball park to play in 🙂
    Wishing you smooth seas and better conditions…

    take care
    Adam and crew…

    from Darcy at the U of L Faculty of Education

  2. Patrick as I recall you were never much of a baseball player, luvu

  3. Hang in there guys…things will calm down (hopefully) and you’ll get into the groove again…

  4. Love and hugs to you all. I would wipe your brows with a cool cloth if I were there, but the reality is that under those same circumstances I would be worthless. It will get better – sending strong stomach thoughts your way and praying for smoother water.

  5. Hey Adam and crew…Glad to see you got away from the wall. Sorry to hear that you’ve hit a rough patch. Had my share of those, but at least I had 425 ft of navy frigate around me and a warm bed to lie in after watch. Sounds like the seas are calming and you will soon be in a rythm. We’re all thinking of you and watching your progress with great interest. Best of luck…fair seas and a following wind…Greg & Mamie

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