Mar 112010

Welcome to Ocean Adventure Racing Northwest.   Thanks for coming. Our website is currently in transition as we transfer our information off the old website.  In the meantime browse what we have and  I encourage you to visit our Facebook & Twitter sites to stay up-to-date and see photos and video from recent and past trips as well as todays article in the Tacoma News Tribune that covers the start of our preparation for our 2011 race across the Mid-Atlantic.

Check back often, and be safe on your adventures.



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  2. Hi rowing team,
    It was great to meet Jordan & Rick in Port Townsend in June & have the opportunity to talk with them about their experiences of rowing on the ocean. Unfortunately I did not meet the rest of the team. I just briefed thru your La Push sea trials & appears that it went well enuff. It was interesting to hear that you are able to make ruffly 3 kts which is what I was able to make on my rowing trips and over the full length of the trips I averaged out at 2 kts. (that included daysn that I didn’t row). I made a 6 month 2,500 mile solo row from Port Townsend to Glacier Bay & back in 1994. It was gratifying to see the similarities in design between your open ocean racing boat & my Inside Passsage cruiser as I essentially had to think up my boat.
    If there’s any thing I can share with you about my experiences of long distance rowing & what I learned from it please don’t hesitate to ask. I’d be happy to talk with all of you about it.
    Best of Luck,
    Scott Davis
    Rowing Vessel Crystal Vision

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